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Pembroke Townhouse - Georgian Dublin

Discover Ireland with me



On a recent trip to Dublin, I stayed at  'The Pembroke Townhouse.'  Situated in the historic Georgian district, this little gem beckons you to stay.

I could write about this hotel, describing it's interior and exterior, the beds and bedlinen, the artwork and food but then I am at risk of sounding just like every other  person  describing their hotel stays. It is how you feel when you stay that makes your hotel or guest house special. It was the hospitality I received from one person in particular that made it feel like home for me. Fiona Teehan is the manageress and we met through social media. She is active and engaging on Twitter and we spoke often through this medium. From sharing recipes to congratulating chefs for their awards, I felt like I was part of the community in this part of Dublin. I knew about the cakes she made daily for her guests. It was only natural that I wanted to stay here when I went to Dublin.  
I climbed the steps of this elegant Georgian townhouse. I dropped my bag by the reception desk and immediately noticed a chocolate buttermilk cake accompanied by a neat stack of plates, pastry forks and a caraffe of water with freshly squeezed lemons awaiting the weary traveler.  I had read about all the various cakes they made on a daily basis and wondered what flavor it would be upon my arrival. 

The townhouse is impeccably restored. There are 48 rooms all uniquely decorated. It was a mere 10 minute walk to St Stephen's Green, which was just perfect for me. 

Have we forgotten about hospitality and what it really means? I tend to think we have. I visited other places in Ireland that had 5 star ratings and ate in restaurants where customer service was unfortunately not on the menu. During my early days, before kids, I  worked  for hotels in Ireland and the United Kingdom. I spent years training in the reception and reservations departments  eventually working my way up to the sales and marketing department for Thistle Hotels, so I do have an understanding of this industry, it's tariffs and  it's occupancy figures.  We all have different parameters and requirements when looking for hotels. In the search engines we request, health centers, walk to city, room service, business centers etc, but what we all really require and what we all really remember is the service, good or bad when we stay somewhere. It is the service that keeps me coming back to the' Pembroke Townhouse'

When you are next in Dublin, make sure you stay at 'The Pembroke Townhouse', ask for Fiona Teehan and tell her Rachel says hello.  She and her staff will welcome you home.