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Patrick Guinness visits Texas

Discover Ireland with me



The Texas chapter of the Irish Georgian Society was once a vibrant and productive chapter with Caroline Hunt and Vivian Young as Honorary Chairs.  Desmond Guinness was a regular visitor to the great state of Texas and fostered life long friendships and relationships. As a result, people who have no ancestral connection to Ireland, fell in love with the country and the tireless work that the 'Irish Georgian Society' does to preserve the many homes and buildings built during the 1700's and into the mid 1800's. Members remain generous donors and benefactors to this day. Time passed, people moved, some passed away and as a result the society simply lay dormant, embers still burning, waiting to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The baton was passed from Desmond Guinness to his son Patrick Guinness and he is now the President of the Irish Georgian Society.

A year ago, I attended a coffee morning here in Dallas and listened to Robert O'Byrne, Vice President of the Irish Georgian Society, speak with such passion about the work and many many success stories accomplished in Ireland. Somehow,  a few months later, I had agreed to be the chapter president or head of the Irish Georgian Society of North Texas. (hereon referred to as IGS) 

The purpose of the IGS is to encourage the appreciation and conservation of Ireland's architecture and decorative arts. It has four core programs which aim to tackle practical conservation challenges, build knowledge, and spread best practice. More on all of this work in continuing articles and updates.

Back to Sunday, November 2nd at 'Pirch' Dallas. People asked me "Why Pirch Rachel?" "Why did you host a brunch in an appliance store?" That was an easy decision for me , as you see Pirch is no ordinary appliance store, but is an experience. It promotes the  modern,  embraces traditional, encourages joy and  facilitates community. Today's modern and design world at Pirch. http://www.theblissery.com/adorn/

My thought process was to marry the  conservation of the past with the enthusiasm and progress of today.  I certainly found the enthusiasm in the chefs and management at Pirch. When I approached them with this idea, I expected a little pushback, or at the very least that I would have to really sell and explain my idea. Not so at all. They are visionaries .

From the PIRCH WEB SITE: Life ~ Live it now, with all your might. Use it up. Wring it out. Leave it gasping in a corner, asking "Did anyone get the license plate number?" Please remember, there is no second act. Life has no back-button. No rewind. We simply journey through moments, and then those moments are gone.

Our brunch was a delicious one and was filled with fun and stories. Adrian Farrell, the new Irish Consulate for Texas, located in Austin joined us for the weekend of activities. People were excited to sign up for membership for the Irish Georgian Society.

Membership varies from $50 per annum to $1200.

I am currently planning a calendar of events for  the year ahead and Patrick Guinness will be back in Texas for 4 or 5 days visiting both Austin and Dallas.  Monday, March 23rd he will be recognized on the senate floor and dates and times are being scheduled at Jesuit College Prepartory School in conjunction with the Museum and docents and cocktail reception at Alan Barnes Fine Art Gallery on Lemmon Avenue.

We are planning  coffee morning talks with Aldrige House on Swiss Avenue and looking to partner with museums and historical preservation societies for educational purposes.

So, if you love architecture, decorative arts, preservation, culture and friendship, this may just be the organization you are looking for. 

Please contact me for further details or for any questions. http://Rachel@Rachelgaffneys.com

You can become a member by simply clicking on this link. http://www.igs.ie/support