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Behind the scenes of the 'Irish Kitchen'

Discover Ireland with me



My business began in 2001. It all started with my desire to introduce people to the Ireland I knew and not the Ireland that people thought they knew. In  2010 I appeared as a guest on the 'Martha Stewart Living' show. Little did I know that one year later I would be working with the former supervising producer Bob Altman on our project 'The Irish Kitchen'
Filming began in December 2011 in Connecticut. My first task was to create and write recipes for 'Bord Bia' (The Irish Food Board)
Bord Bia wanted to create awareness for the farmhouse cheeses of Ireland that were being introduced to the United States. Easy enough, right? No.

We knew that we were only featuring 6 cheeses and I needed to create easy to make recipes. The cheese samples were shipped to me in Dallas, Texas and from there, the creative thinking began. One of the great downfalls of working alone is that you are your own worst enemy and your worst critic, or at least I am anyway.One of my challenges is that I think in Imperial measurements   but have to write the recipes in metric. This is rather time consuming but old habits die hard.